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At Unovus, we believe in a brighter universe for all sentient beings alike.

Join us, to explore an expansive frontier of space!



Accustomed with:

- PvE, PvP, RP
- x2 Mining Bonus!
- x3 Asteriod Size!
- x2 Resources per Asteriod Mined!
- x2 space sector size!
- 897 m/s x3 Speed of Light Limit!

- x10 Jump Drive Distance!
- Player-driven Economy!

- Factories possible on Ships!
- Huge SuperEarths to Tiny Dwarf Planets!
- High chance 1/30 of Planet special regions! (cities, pyramids, other structures)
- Low NPC Shop Prices!

- Lots of NPC Shops Around!
- No Loss Of Credits or Blocks Upon Death!

- Well Rounded Game Design!


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One New Universe For Us All.