UNOVUS Server Rules

Effective 01/29/2020



1: To prevent a high chance of lag, refrain from creating and bringing in ship entities greater than 25k mass at spawn sector 2, 2, 2. Notice to owner will be given on Community Hub and in-game message to relocate within 24 hours if owner is not present if ship does not cause lag. If the ship causes server lag for players entering spawn sector or the server, ship entity will be relocated from spawn sector at safe distance, a distance where the lag is not present, in any direction from spawn sector. Owner will be notified in the same manner. Repeated incidents or offences may result in deletion of ship entity at owner(s)’s expense.


2: Engage competitive PvP and gameplay competition between others around your gameplay experience level of starmade. Do not pick on new or inexperienced players in server or gameplay or players or factions beneath your own or your own faction’s level of development or experience level. Do not force PvP on others who do not wish to engage in PvP gameplay activities (of which involves that between but not exclusive to characters, ships and bases).  Consent on both parties involved is required for PvP, nature of combat and war of which both parties must be present in-game during each and every instance of the activity. All in-game conflict must remain outside the context of out-of-game relationships. This is to provide opportunity for all players to engage in fair play, positive engagement and good sportsmanship. And friends can declare war with each other in-game as friends outside of the game!


3: Refrain from Faction Griefing, Player Griefing, or any form of gameplay griefing, defined by the malicious sabotage or destruction of property or the contents of a subject beyond a point of reduction of enjoyable playability of the game as intended by the server’s game design (ex: destroying exposed ships of new players at spawn or any sector, personally irl targeting a player or players by destroying all of a faction’s undefended stations , utility of tractor beam(s) within and around spawn sector to pull or push ship entity out of spawn sector, stealing resources or entities of the faction you entered,  abuse of the intent of public factions by entering and stealing gameplay resources from public-set factions, etc. If no mutual agreement can be made between both the faction and the leaving player(s) party, staff will default to the departer with a maximum of an existing Corvette size ship and server starting resources) from the sum of all resources and assets of all remaining members of the faction being departed.


4: It is recommended to consider our Lag-guaranteed limit of 100k mass to any individual entity, ship or station or individual or collective sum within set of entities (fleets), but only as a guideline. Any entity size or set of entities is permitted forasmuch as the server does not register your entity(ies) as cause for lag spikes and crashes.


5: Names, skins or designs of players, entities (ships and stations), set of entities (fleets), factions or other gameplay deliverable must be held to a degree of appropriateness defined in the AGGN Code of Conduct and regarding unwanted client use of others’ creations defined in Community Guidelines 


6: Any object, entity, structure, mechanic, function, or action that, in relation to DDoS, with proper and thorough authentication has been confirmed to be inadvertently or intentionally a cause of in-game lag is subject to repercussive staff measures.  Game Mechanic "Thrust Blast Chamber" is limited to ship entities of equal or less than "Corvette" size class [<5k mass] when the situation is diagnosed to be necessary for server lag prevention purposes. 


7: Exterior or Interior forms of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks are highly prohibited, this includes unauthorized "hacking", actions of intentional "lagging", or actions that constitutes "Repeated entity or text spamming/ramming" or "sieging" to the following descriptions:

- Ramming ship entities more than once consecutively for the intent to an unintended gameplay design of which the action is taken for in spawn sector or any sector of space is prohibited under any circumstances, 

- Sieging defined as rendering the game unplayable for certain players through attacks at their base or by dropping lots of ship entities at their base to the point where the game is unplayable by server game design.


8: Do not obstruct a location where or vicinity of which players spawn or spawn near. Provided prior notice to removal of Cause(s) of obstruction to players involved with cause(s) is inversely proportional to a decreasing severity defined by analyzed outcome of total components contributing to magnitude of obstruction.


9: All languages are welcomed. However, in order to reduce risk of linguistic miscommunication, players have the right to select either English or French for staff to address players in during staff intervention. These languages are registered to the UNOVUS Server by AGGN as languages staff assigned to UNOVUS are formally fluent in. Note, We seek to expand the languages we can provide our services in.


10: Follow Aeon Genesis Code of Conduct, Community Guidelines, and Terms of Service on all mediums at all times of use on the UNOVUS game server. These documents are to be referred for policies on Behavior & Toxicity, advertising of third parties, Sedition, Libel, Slander, other Defamatory conduct and other elements.


Code "Rules101" Earn 20,000 UNOVUS Credits