Mission Statement & Story



Our Mission & Vision - What we do


Our vision is of a unique, safe and inclusive gaming community where peoples of all backgrounds, sexuality, religion, and ages can prosper and create memorable gaming experiences.  We see our environment as a space where players make friends and have fun without fear of bullying, discrimination, social injustice, morally unjust norms, or stressful toxicity. We see our atmosphere as a social space where people can share their genuine creative, academic, and recreational pursuits.


Our mission is to host social space and unique gaming servers in a family-friendly safe and inclusive online gaming community in which we encourage individuals to be their best selves. Within our gaming services, we create a thriving world in which people they can tell and create their own unique stories and creations through their gaming experience.

As a staff collective, to ensure our mission and vision remains true, we commit to high quality service with the following values:

A Better World - reevaluate and establish social norms of respectful interaction  based on reflective listening, critical thinking, and comprehensive understanding 

Language Civility - Promote respectful and conscientious language, vocabulary, speech, and redirect verbal pollution

Enlightenment - Educate disreputable beliefs, misconceptions, stigma, myths and redirect harmful behavior

Guidance –  Guide individuals to learn and unlearn toxic ways of thinking through self-reflection, open communication, and challenging one's own biases to make improvements.

Strengthening Community – Focus on creating an inclusive platform where  members strive to constructively challenge each other while also building on individual strengths


Professional Excellence - Incorporate our services with integrity, quality, and competency, and strive to provide continuous improvements to our approach

Inspire Social Change -  Inspire others to break the chains of government or institutionalized perspectives, reach for the top of identity and stability and stand up to systematic authoritarian and bureaucratic oppression and discrimination


Our Story - Why we do it



Founded on October 21st 2019 by Xaemon Hreichsler, following and expanding upon the vision of a previous gaming network; a vision and dream to build what we saw was something significantly lacking in modern online gaming communities and gaming servers - servers that utilize the mechanics of its game platform to optimize game progress and “fun”, and whose operations are family friendly  and of socially righteous norms done properly and competently unlike most other communities among the common video gaming playerbases.

Over the course of our experience with gaming playerbases, we have witnessed the many behavioral traits associated to what is dismissed as "folks on the internet", from the toxicity and arrogant hostilities to the imprudent   and critically judgmental commentaries - the very nature explained through cyberpsychology; the study of human behavior on the internet.  The lack of professional and professionally operated gaming communities through professional means and qualification among the gaming networks is unprecedentedly high, alarming, but at this point, disappointingly expected. The number of online gaming communities with progressively and socially supportive and inclusive to, and the quantity of hate to minority marginalized discriminated people groups including that of the non-heterosexual is alarmingly seldom or unheard of, and very high, respectively.  The number of credibly illegitimate "pretend authority" lord-of-the-files gaming hubs run by anyone is high. Our decision to be one of the few professionally legitimate gaming network entity and fight toxicity is a difficult one, and one that certainly won't  be accomplished overnight. but we continue to strive to bring creative, hard-working easy-going conscientious open like-minded individuals to our team of staff and to help make people the best they can be, one human at a time.