OUR Community guidelines




1: Be Progressive! Choose Forward!


Be tolerant, welcoming and accepting of an individuals or people group's race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, neurodivergence, age, social background, language, physical and mental attributes, and cultural and personal values of belief that don’t impede or conflict with factors previously mentioned. At AGGN, these factors are considered above our threshold of tolerance, meaning these factors must not be the subject of discrimination, prejudice, and bias. The only factor considered below the threshold of tolerance is intolerance. We have a zero-tolerance policy on any form of intolerance but this policy; this includes but not limited to nazism, anti-semitism, mysogyny, far-right extremism, entitled, ignorant or narcissistic “progressivism”, and socially restrictive or exclusive conservatism. Be as close to your 100% as you can without harming others’ as close to 100%.


2: Be Open to “Open DMs” - Choose the friendlier option.


A room where everyone but two individuals is removed results in the same situation as a private message or DM. In this environment, players need to resolve a conflict in an appropriate setting without invoking or provoking public disturbance and turmoil. Staff need to be able to conduct their efforts with professional courtesy amongst players. Staff must be able to handle and distribute confidential or other sensitive information responsibly among other staff. Private messaging is an essential and fundamental online communication tool, not a luxury or entitlement of choice. At AGGN, unless under individual basis of circumstance instructed by an AGGN Moderator, DMs are always open. If there is a particular individual(s) that is making you or someone you know uncomfortable, violating our code of conduct or for any other reason you’d prefer they no longer private message you, please contact an AGGN Community Counselor immediately. 


And If you are going through something or think someone you know is, we can help. Our Community Counselors are well trained and qualified. Talk to us!


3: Communicate Constructively - Refrain from Blocking others unless under appropriate circumstances


Circumstances where blocking others is appropriate is when the other party is spamming or trolling after attempt of constructive communication, is producing spam, encouraging the engagement of phishing, freud, libel, and other illegal activities, or otherwise stated by AGGN Code of Conduct or an AGGN Community Counselor. We live in a world where communication is essential anywhere you go. Give people a chance to express themselves in a constructive manner. Cutting off communication is not an appropriate solution to resolution because it ignores the problem. Ignoring the problem does not resolve the problem, coming together to improve the issue to status quo resolves the problem. If there is a particular individual(s) that you feel you or someone you know are being harassed, provoked, or threatened by, report the individual(s) to an AGGN Community Counselor immediately. If you yourself feel you've been wrongfully blocked or excluded on the infringement of the code of conduct or community guidelines or another not expressing themselves constructively or at all, report the individual(s) to an AGGN Community Counselor immediately


4: Refrain from Ghosting others for negative reasons within your control


When you terminate a relationship, formal or casual by ending communications abruptly and without explanation because of convenience, unwillingness to confront a situation, or another reason within your control out of fear, animosity or other negative emotions, studies show there are negative consequences on the ghostee by preventing closure, potentially inflicting pain and not give a chance for the ghostee to learn if they could of done something better. In a professional relationship, ghosting under any circumstance may indicate a disregard of professional etiquette or carelessness. . Have a growth mindset. Intentionally choosing not to communicate is discouraged between players, and prohibited towards staff at AGGN. Ghosting for the reasons above is not acceptable - there are better more progressive options to end or pause relationships. At AGGN, we pride ourselves on guiding each other to make better choices. If you feel you need to ghost for the reasons stated above, or unsure it is right to ghost, contact an AGGN Community Counselor immediately.  Remember, if you are going through something or need to talk to someone, talk to us! We are here to help! Remember, We can't help if you won't tell us what's wrong!


5: Words can Stab like a Sword - be mindful of how words affect others we talk about


Spreading information or participating in the spreading of, about a person, group, or AGGN that falsifies and wrongfully damages the reputation of is prohibited. If there is an individual(s) you feel the need to report regarding the spreading of rumours, gossip, harmful information or libel towards AGGN, do not call for a counselor in public chat or handle the situation yourself. Privately speak with an AGGN Community Counselor about it and the moderator will handle it.


6: Don’t be quick to judge - be conscious of the way we think of others


When we often give the “benefit of the doubt” on suspicion to others’ actions or what we think are others’ actions reflected on what we think are their intentions and from our perspective, form a mental model on the person, person’s intentions or people around us on assumptive presumptions and preconceived intuitions often with the tendency to favor and recall information that confirms our preexisting beliefs of which we use to judge and consciously act on such, however the consequences may present itself, we inflict social harm towards the people we interact with and those whom are socially interconnected with us of which are complex and diverse as it may or may not seem. Have faith in people. Be conscious of how you perceive others actions. However, If you have experienced this form of unfair, unjust and subjective judgement, speak with an AGGN Community Counselor and they will do their best to restore things right.


7: Awaken to the Good - have altruistic intentions for all who do for all but those who do not for all that do not.


Many are misunderstood, but there are others that consciously and deliberately, seek to harm or inflict  others verbally, physically, or socially, often repeatedly and over time to those whom appear or they want to appear vulnerable. Others may take advantage of the kindness, compassion and empathy of others to their selfish benefit or personal pleasure. Some, often in positions of power, would impose on others either via activities of argumentative, arrogant or aggressive intent because they can, because they feel they have the right. While many would produce the same result described above unconsciously. Don’t impede but instead, be grateful and appreciative of the privilege you do have and your place fortunate events have led you up to you are in. Know to retrieve your immoral acts and transgressions against moral virtue. Lift others from below rather than putting them down. Carry your peers’ burden through hardship rather than abiding by a “law of the jungle”. Altruism is the most innate selfless form of selfishness. Be good. Be kind. Be socially aware.


8: Listen to the best ideas - look towards that for which you know not what can be known 


It is often spoken to “Listen to other people’s or different ideas or opinions”, or “hear both sides or all sides”. While this is right in many cases, empirical or otherwise, because perception is fluid between perspectives, all opinions can be measured in levels of factual accuracy, come what may be possible or not by the perceiver. At a certain degree of objective truth varying on each concept, the act of agreeing becomes the result of understanding. On this plane of conception and thought, To not agree is to lack the knowledge necessary to agree. Knowledge that must be understood firstly. Even if you do not possess such knowledge, seek it, at least enough to know, trust and follow those who do have this knowledge and answers against the misconceptions, myths and sigmas of the outside world be it a theological power or another human. So if a fellow individual tells you to jump into the fire as subsequent burning will occur  - don’t jump in the fire! - Unless you like pain ;) without flame resistant protective measures! Do your best to resist pressure from others to do so! Know your convictions and strive to be a better person. All staff at AGGN follow and apply to the same principle.


9: Be aware of how we influence others and impact our environment in which others are influenced by


Be mindful of others' sensitivities and of imposing your own sensitivities on others. This can be determined by a threshold of sensitivity and social consideration in which are in right of ethical protection involving a social, psychological, or physiological need that makes you respectfully unique. Anything a product or cause of personal validation, opinionated self-entitlement or a work-around easily applicable to and within the potential mental or otherwise characteristically described above capacity of the individual is below this threshold of justifiable consideration here at AGGN. Reflect on and be a part of engineering the normative social influence that leads to what is considered to be culture and respect the players that made it possible for you to form the bonds of perceived relational unity cause of social cohesion between members of the social groups you are a part of, for whenever we choose to or not, we influence all those around us in many different ways through our habits derived from actions derived from words derived from thoughts of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious. be aware of the social environment, created by our guidelines, and how you affect it. If the connections and bonds and links between people that could not of been formed had you not created or contributed to the creation of, been taken advantage of against you or that a member of the community is inconsiderate or insensitive towards you, contact an AGGN Community Counselor immediately.




10: Follow Game Server Rules, Code of Conduct and Terms of Service