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Our Community Hub is a place to you can relax, sit back, socialize, hang out & chat, meet new people, share your passion, and have a good time without fear or prejudice of or from bullying or other forms of toxicity!


Head over to our discord server for gaming, voice channels, community activities, role options to customize your profile, homework help, profound discussions, inspirational & motivational messages and more!


Upcomming Minecraft RP and Worldbuilding Server July 7, 2020

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Fun for Family & Friends! At Unovus, we believe in a brighter universe for all sentient beings alike. Join us, to explore an expansive frontier of space!


Launched on 02/02/2020, Join Us On Our Starmade Server!

One New Universe For Us All.

Code "Morethanjustforunovus" Earn 8,000 UNOVUS Credits

Our Hub also provides FREE Professional Mental Health Services to any and all our community members.

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