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Who We Are, What we do, Why we do it

A.G.X Interactive Entertainment, the owner of AGGN, is a brand new game studios company  dedicated to developing games of new concepts in underdeveloped genres and vision on a massive innovative scale. Our perspective is a one of a kind solution to game design & development in situations where new ideas are a challenge and a positive respectful online gaming atmosphere is a difficult battle of internet culture to win. A.G.X Interactive Entertainment was inspired by franchises like The Matrix, Ready-Player-One, Sword Art Online; conceptualized thoughts on a vast scale that contrast the common small & simple apps or limited & structured algorithms that form the game genres of the gaming industry. Our founder, Xaemon Hreichsler, displeased, created AGX in hopes of pushing the limits of potential in game design beyond conventional practices. A.G.X uses an amazing team of dedicated, professional & socially aware game designers, programmers, and support staff beyond its time to eliminate harmful hostility and toxic behavior in our gaming environment while providing new and exciting gaming experiences to our players.



For our first game, we will be using Roblox Studios, to join alongside AGGN's UNOVUS, and Craftfolkland game servers. We plan to expand and establish our own game from the ground-up in the future.

AGX Interactive Entertainment;

Games that maximize human potential in heart and mind by optimizing human thought and perception


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