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1: Application Intake: Tell us about you: basics, skills, any experience, background, any other info you'd like us to know about. A Resume is optional. Take a quick Big 5 Personality Test @  and send the results in your application for an HR Rep or recruiting agent to review.. Only Applications with with the personality test link results or screenshot attachment will be reviewed.


2: Qualifications Assessment: If you are an external applicant (not a candidate of traditional direct recruitment, living outside of Ontario, applying from the web) or not given vouching excemption from one of our talent aquisitions specialists an interview must be scheduled with an AGGN department head, recruiting agent or HR Rep



3: Skills Analysis: If you are specifically applying for the Community Counselor, Team Coordinator or Community & Development Administrator, and do not have resume-worthy formal training or background in the fields required for these positions, the AGGN Personnel Mental Qualifications Test (PMQT), a psychological, personality, comprehensive intelligence and aptitude screening process within our Staff Qualifications Requirements is required to ensure the legitimacy, authenticity and quality of our staff. Your AGGN recruiting rep will refer you to an administrator for AGGN's Personnel Mental Qualiciations Test of our staff screening process. However, those with training, background or career in required fields of the applied position are not required to take the PMQT.. Speak to management for alternate test accomodations or excemption.


If you are applying for any other position, the PMQT, the AGGN Comprehensive Intelligence Test, a Work Competence Test, or other skills analysis evaluations that may be given are only nesessary if the recruiter deems it nesessary in their qualifications measurement process. 



Interested in Vonlunteering at AGGN?

Software Game Developer - Full Time/Part Time, Volunteer

Company Name: A.G. Interactive Entertainment

Department: IT & Engineering

Division: Discord, Roblox or Minecraft

Location:N/A, Online

Type: Volunteer 


Platform: Discord, Roblox, Starmade or Minecraft

Start Date: As soon as possible

Hours: Flexible, at one’s availability


Job Description & Responsibilities:


Software Game developers are at the heart of the game or program development process collaborating with Game Designers, Creative Writers, Programers, & World Builders - they outline & develop code that make it possible for the game or program to function in every way possible as intended, that may include but not limited to, the interactions of objects; the rules that govern what objects do and how they interact, the behaviors of entities in motion, crashes & collisions corresponding to the laws of physics & rendering interactive 3D graphics respectively, the behaviors of NPCs within the game according to gameplay design, and the game interface’s visual system (GUI, HUD) & control system. Software Developers convert the way the game should function intended by game designers: the design of gameplay & mechanics, user experience, and storyline & narrative, and other game design elements into coding instructions readable by the game’s system. Developers are to perform adaptation, maintenance, creation of or creation of tools for logic, code libraries, game engines, graphic integration, collision detection, data transformation, database management, and game entity behavior in accordance to the details described by the game’s Game Designers, thus turning design into reality during, and throughout the development or further developments of the game.


Developers are also responsible for writing, improving and optimizing technologies, platforms, code to identify weaknesses and increase performance with respect to available storage, test and fix bugs & glitches in, and ensure the most stable and efficient means of programming Plugins, Wraps, Patches, Scripts, and other programs .that can and is to be implemented and integrated within the code of an existing game server.


Required Background and Experience:


- Exemplary Knowledge in Computer Science, Software Engineering, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) or related, equivalent or comparable field or work experience

- Exemplary knowledge in one or more of the following: C, C+, C++, C#, Java, Python, HTML5, and/or other programming & scripting languages

- Exemplary knowledge in one or more of the following: Javascript, PHP, CSS3, Typescript  and/or other scripting languages

- both goal-oriented & results-oriented with strong capacity to continuously learn and grow, proven record of task completion with high quality results according to company standards

- strong sense of integrity, good intent, & work ethic, 

- High degree of self-motivation, initiative-taking, and ability to manage personal time and priorities effectively

- Work well collaboratively on a team as an essential team contributor

- strong interpersonal verbal & written communication, constructive expression, & open collaboration skills

- strong visual-spacial reasoning, problem solving, troubleshooting, software-debugging, creative, and analytical skills.

- Ability to trust & follow & comply with company values & progressive ideologies

- Ability to prioritize and put the the company, company’s projects & policies, and company’s interest first  have the best long-term interest of and on behalf of the company

- Loyal character, with psychological & social competence & collectivist anti-individualist mentality

- non-toxic passion for positive & meaningful gaming

- Ability to work or have experience in working in agile, CPM, XPM waterfall hybrid project management styles and test-driven (TDD) trunk-based development methodology & software development life cycle strategies.

- respectful, honourable, modest and professional conduct & personality qualities

- Strong desire to work in a fast-paced, innovative environment

- Willingness, and capability of taking on initiative & responsibility for a substantial portion of a project


 Preferred Skills, Background and Experience:


- Familiar with cross-platform video game & software engines, real-time 3D computer graphics, application programming interfaces (API) & kits (such as Unity3D, Unreal Engine, ARCore, XCode, WebGL, OpenGL, GLSL)

- Knowledge in Open-source database management softwares (MySQL NoSQL, Mongo, Dynamo, Couch, etc

- Knowledge in Open-source automation softwares (Jenkins, Travis, DevOps, etc)

- Knowledge in Open-source distributed cross-platform general-purpose cluster-computing computer software frameworks (Microsoft.Net Core, Microsoft.NET framework, Spark, Hadoop, Storm, Hive, Flume)

- Knowledge in Computer Vision

- Knowledge in Serverless Computing

- Passion for and Knowledge in 3D Modelling

- Rudimentary Knowledge in Game Design


Interested, and think you’d be a good fit, or have any further questions, contact or visit our discord server @ and contact a member of management


Updated March 26, 2020



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