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1: Application Intake: Tell us about you: basics, skills, any experience, background, any other info you'd like us to know about. A Resume is optional. Take a quick Big 5 Personality Test @  and send the results in your application for an HR Rep or recruiting agent to review.. Only Applications with with the personality test link results or screenshot attachment will be reviewed.


2: Qualifications Assessment: If you are an external applicant (not a candidate of traditional direct recruitment, living outside of Ontario, applying from the web) or not given vouching excemption from one of our talent aquisitions specialists an interview must be scheduled with an AGGN department head, recruiting agent or HR Rep



3: Skills Analysis: If you are specifically applying for the Game Moderator, Game Team Lead or Community & Development Administrator, and do not have resume-worthy formal training or background in the fields required for these positions, the AGGN Personnel Mental Qualifications Test (PMQT), a psychological, personality, comprehensive intelligence and aptitude screening process within our Staff Qualifications Requirements is required to ensure the legitimacy, authenticity and quality of our staff. Your AGGN recruiting rep will refer you to an administrator for AGGN's Personnel Mental Qualiciations Test of our staff screening process. However, those with training, background or career in required fields of the applied position are not required to take the PMQT.. Speak to management for alternate test accomodations or excemption.


If you are applying for any other position, the PMQT, the AGGN Comprehensive Intelligence Test, a Work Competence Test, or other skills analysis evaluations that may be given are only nesessary if the recruiter deems it nesessary in their qualifications measurement process. 



Interested in Vonlunteering at AGGN?

WANTED! Volunteer Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager - Full Time/Part Time, Volunteer

Company Name: Aeon Genesis Gaming Network

Division: Marketing & Finance

Location: Toronto, ON

Type: Volunteer 


Platform: Online (discord, social media, website, etc)

Start Date: As soon as possible

Hours: Flexible, at one’s availability


Job Description & Responsibilities:


The Marketing Manager is the current head of our marketing department, responsible for brand, product and content marketing activities at our network such as revising and initiating cross-medium marketing strategies and opportunities, monitoring campaign progress, updating and sourcing artwork and other online assets, performing market research and data analytics, creating and managing our marketing portfolio and overseeing, coordinating and streamlining the production or creation of digital marketing materials and other marketing deliverables by our graphic artists and other creatives.


Responsibilities may include creating and managing mailing lists, scouting for potential compatible partnerships, affiliates or advertising platforms, oversee and operate social media and other platforms such as facebook and our website alongside PR and other members in marketing, initiating and coordinating marketing events, planning marketing asset requests, optimize SEO (search engine optimization) and other key marketing tools, editing and conducting quality assessments of promotional and other marketing materials enhancing our organization's image in harmony with company values, and relay and evaluate the performance of brand guidelines to project development efforts to ensure optimal compatibility with brand identity and overall brand strategy. The Marketing Manager may offer feedback or assist the PR Communications Coordinator in negotiating sponsorship arrangements upon request.


The Marketing Manager collaborates closely with the PR Manager to ensure a uniform public image consistent with activities of other departments and company values and policy, coordinate their own team as well as team members of other ongoing or planned product development projects through the Operations Manager, and reports directly to the Executive Director.



Required Experience, Skills:


- Exemplary knowledge and/or experience in content marketing

- Exemplary knowledge and/or experience in product and brand marketing

- Exemplary knowledge and/or experience in project portfolio management (PPM)

- Aptitude for social media marketing, management and digital marketing

- Strong organization, leadership, conflict management, and verbal and written communication skills

- able to communicate the data once researched by attending meetings and giving presentations; preference towards those with project management experience. 

- Ability to market via our website, facebook, linkedin, indeed, youtube, other social media platforms/job sites and through paid promotions with ease; 

- Excellent work ethic, self-motivation, and creative innovation

- Willingness to be open-minded, considerate, and learn and develop skills on an ongoing basis

- Exemplary ability to utmost embody company values in active and professional engagement to assigned role, and outside of workplace

- able to operate with efficiency in both an independent and collaborative team environment; is strongly results-oriented 


Preferred Experience, Skills:


- preference towards those with presentation skills and an air of professionalism.

- preference for those with a social media following; the ability to research and predict market trends, preference for those with a history of legitimate entrepreneurship and sales experience/acumen

- aptitude in performance marketing

- aptitude with and knowledge of CMS (content management systems)



Interested, and think you’d be a good fit, or have any further questions, contact or visit our discord server @ and contact a member of management


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