Scope: The Code of Conduct also serves as the Anti-Toxicity Policy at Aeon Genesis Gaming Network, and is applied to players, staff, partners and affiliates alike  All terms must be morally justified exclusively under AGGN's comprehensive progressive philosophy which includes but not limited to caution against contradictions of other terms in the code of conduct lest it be not prohibited. 



1:  No socially inappropriate, culturally offensive, or uncivilized behavior within moral reason or coarse language of toxicity and profanity, including racist, sexist, ageist or homophobic harmful vulgarity and remarks such as, slurs, slang, and negative references, teasing, sarcasm or otherwise related forms of disorderly conduct through any medium or use of language inflammatory, abusive, intimitating or otherwise of socially offensive context among any and all our services, including intentional malicious intent on promoting hatred, discrimination of any persons aspects of socioeconomic, and physical or neurological identity, social injustice privileges through otherwise disturbing subject matters and the promoting or participating in trolling, spamming, harassment, radical political ideologies of concern, severe forms of ignorance and aggression, mockery, demeanory, intentional provocation, nefariousness, social scapegoating or coersion, public gestures or graffiti intended to put others down or humilate others, damaging rumour or gossip participation or spreading of, or name calling with harmful intent or the sharing or linking to content with intent to falsely shame or degrade another individual or other highly irregular, unmeritorious, shameful or disgraceful means of or otherwise acts of ill-mannered unpropriative behavior of other highly inferior means of conduct concerning toxicity or immaturity of mirroring intent including the failure to refrain from passing scrutinizing judgement, conciously sturing up argumentative conflict, personal attacks or hasty generalizations.  Failure to do so will result in the issue being addressed and handled by AGGN staff, accordingly. 


2: No solicited or unsolicited use of and within our services for any and all illegal activities defined by the criminal code established by the federal level of or any district state, province or territory within Canadian, and/or International law: Promotion of selling or distribution of illegal drugs or substances, human trafficking, money & Digital Goods Laundering.


3: Distribution, promotion or sharing of graphic content or “NSFW” of all mediums (videos, images, memes, etc) that may be considered under the following of but not limited to gore, pornography, extreme violence, sexually suggestive demeaning depictive material that falls under disproportionally unnatural, insincere and corrosive graphic content with immoral, immature or unclean effect, influence, or desire is strictly prohibited. The following below the line of tolerance according to this description are  “lolis”, “shotos”, “Cubs”, “real life material, cartoons, or anime of lewd (crude and offensive in a sexual manner) sexual context”, and sexually suggestive, or demeaning depictions of prepubescent individuals. Other "NSFW", graphic or artistic material that does not fall under these measures is acceptable under corresponding AGGN services (ex: certain specified channels). Educational and professionally artistic forms of these materials are acceptable on all AGGN services.


4: Attempting to formally impersonate a, the identity of, or the responsibilities of a Game Moderator or other AGGN member of staff or member of our community is prohibited.


5: Threats, the encouragement, promotion or participation of threats, malicious or unintended towards or against a person’s self that possess or may pose a harmful risk of health and safety to staff, clients and members and partners of our community to any degree are not tolerated under unjustified circumstances of a lack of formal objective interpretation.


6:  Do not distribute, dox (defined as the unauthorized search and/or publication of private or identifying information of an individual through the internet or any other medium) or promote the distribution or doxing of or sharing of personal information under any medium without consent from the person or from AGGN; for the online safety and security of individuals, this constitutes the following information: address, bank and financial information, government issued numbers, real name, age, photos of the person, physical, mental or medical diagnosis or sexually explicit content or any other information or content of the individual or individual's selves they themselves prefer to remain confidential, consider shameful, humiliating or inappropriate of publicity.  See our privacy policy for details.


7: Advertising or promoting other Gaming Networks, companies and other third parties not endorsed or partnered with or by Aeon Genesis Gaming Network through distribution of links or other medium within and on AGGN services, platforms, in all and any medium or private messages is highly prohibited. 


8: Sedition, seditious libel, Corporate libel, libel, slander, or other defamatory act or behavior or other means of inflicting damages on the public relations, reputation or accuracy of representation of, towards or against our company, Aeon Genesis Gaming Network or its employees, representatives, clients, customers, partners, associates, or collaborates is prohibited and may or will result in Legal Action; Libel of AGGN community members is strictly prohibited. Suggestions and feedback are always welcomed constructively presented with courtesy, civility, modesty, and propriety through our website and other designated areas of feedback intake.


9: Please abide by our Intellectual Property and Copyright policy as per our terms of service. Failure to do so will result in Legal Action.


10: No disregard of any articles listed in the code of conduct or Terms of Service of our servers. We reserve the right to remove, revoke, expel, discharge, ban, or issue a fine to those found with objective proof, to of violated any or all of the articles within our code of conduct with equivalently comparative value to the offence justified by absolute logic without compensation.