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1: Application Intake: Tell us about you: basics, skills, any experience, background, any other info you'd like us to know about. A Resume is optional. Take a quick Big 5 Personality Test @  and send the results in your application for an HR Rep or recruiting agent to review.. Only Applications with with the personality test link results or screenshot attachment will be reviewed.


2: Qualifications Assessment: If you are an external applicant (not a candidate of traditional direct recruitment, living outside of Ontario, applying from the web) or not given vouching excemption from one of our talent aquisitions specialists an interview must be scheduled with an AGGN department head, recruiting agent or HR Rep



3: Skills Analysis: If you are specifically applying for the Community Counselor, Team Coordinator or Community & Development Administrator, and do not have resume-worthy formal training or background in the fields required for these positions, the AGGN Personnel Mental Qualifications Test (PMQT), a psychological, personality, comprehensive intelligence and aptitude screening process within our Staff Qualifications Requirements is required to ensure the legitimacy, authenticity and quality of our staff. Your AGGN recruiting rep will refer you to an administrator for AGGN's Personnel Mental Qualiciations Test of our staff screening process. However, those with training, background or career in required fields of the applied position are not required to take the PMQT.. Speak to management for alternate test accomodations or excemption.


If you are applying for any other position, the PMQT, the AGGN Comprehensive Intelligence Test, a Work Competence Test, or other skills analysis evaluations that may be given are only nesessary if the recruiter deems it nesessary in their qualifications measurement process. 



Interested in Vonlunteering at AGGN?

Community Counselor - Full Time/Part Time, Volunteer


Company Name: Aeon Genesis Gaming Network

Department: Mental health

Division: Discord, Minecraft, or Starmade

Location: Online

Type: Volunteer 


Platform: Discord, Minecraft, or Starmade

Start Date: As soon as possible

Hours: Flexible, at one’s availability


Job Description & Responsibilities:


The importance of Game or Community Counselor are most paramount in pertinence that cannot be stressed enough. Although comparable to “Moderators”, this position resembles that of a “counselor” or other mental health practitioner and are one of the most excruciatingly demanding positions at AGGN; they are foremost our means to carry out, ensure and sustain our core values and philosophy in our approach of proper moderation or redefining moderation on the internet, and are utmost crucial in the delivery of our unique services. With Aeon Genesis’ very HR and PR centered business structure, because Counselors involve the focus of interaction between humans applied in a staff-customer context, Community counselors report straight to HR’s Community and Development Administrator, experienced counselor or "moderator" themselves.


Community Counselors are responsible for implementing mediation, counselling, conflict resolution and other social work, clinical psychology, and/or child-youth work strategies according to guidelines, representing and promoting AGGN values and methodology, writing behavioral reports and incident reports when needed, the competent initiative of delivering appropriate resolution strategies or punishments for infractions subsequent to a thorough and incontrovertible analysis of the situation applied, incorporating our practices not just regarding conflict but through observation, engagement and intervention (when needed) with the way players interact and behave with each other, in the game, with the platform and among other ways, guide and welcome new players/members or insisting ones, and answer inquiries from members about AGGN under guidelines and direct other requests to the appropriate personnel.


Counselors at AGGN are advised to lurk in their assigned platform at their own leisure and actively and productively collaborate with other counselors. Counselors must strictly adhere to our approach of moderation in consequence of, rather than anticipation of public dissent and disbelief to our philosophy, methodology, and approach.



Required and/or Preferred Skills, Background and Experience:



- aligns own self with socioeconomically and politically progressive values

- Metacognitive ability to comprehend thoughts on a higher form of understanding and apply ability in problem solving and in all forms

- aligns own work and behavior with company mission, vision, values, and in adherence to company policies and philosophy 

- actively engage with community and in support of community members

- competently moderate communities situated in social networking sites including discord, facebook, and other social media outposts (for Discord Community Counselors)

- Monitor and assess effective benchmarks for measuring moderation and User-Generated-Content volume, and analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of moderation strategy with respect to and without compromise to Server Rules, Community Guidelines, Code of Conduct, or Terms of Service.

- Excellent progressive judgement and reasoning

- Exceptional level of patience and perseverance

- Exceptional organizational and verbal and written communication skills

- Expertise knowledge in Heightened social and ontological awareness

- Expertise knowledge in metacognitive awareness of human nature

- Expertise knowledge in Social cognitive psychology and social psychology

- Expertise knowledge in Cyberpsychology

- Expertise knowledge or experience in Child-youth care and psychology

- Expertise knowledge in Counseling psychology

- Expertise knowledge in Developmental psychology

- Expertise knowledge in Crisis Intervention

- Expertise knowledge or experience in Social work

- Expertise knowledge in Moral and Ethical philosophy

- Experience or interested in working with children/youth

- Experience with training or group facilitation in mental health fields

- AGGN Exemplar Model for Personality Competence; High fluid intelligence, High degree of 3 of the 4 following traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and extremely low neuroticism or very high emotional intelligence, and specific qualities: high receptiveness, approachability, sensibility sympathy, self-driven improvement, openness and willing to learn, and team-based collectivist mentality


Interested, and think you’d be a good fit, or have any further questions, contact or visit our discord server @ and contact a member of management



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