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1: Application Intake: Tell us about you: basics, skills, any experience, background, any other info you'd like us to know about. A Resume is optional. Take a quick Big 5 Personality Test @  and send the results in your application for an HR Rep or recruiting agent to review.. Only Applications with with the personality test link results or screenshot attachment will be reviewed.


2: Qualifications Assessment: If you are an external applicant (not a candidate of traditional direct recruitment, living outside of Ontario, applying from the web) or not given vouching excemption from one of our talent aquisitions specialists an interview must be scheduled with an AGGN department head, recruiting agent or HR Rep



3: Skills Analysis: If you are specifically applying for the Community Moderator, Team Coordinator or Community & Development Administrator, and do not have resume-worthy formal training or background in the fields required for these positions, the AGGN Personnel Mental Qualifications Test (PMQT), a psychological, personality, comprehensive intelligence and aptitude screening process within our Staff Qualifications Requirements is required to ensure the legitimacy, authenticity and quality of our staff. Your AGGN recruiting rep will refer you to an administrator for AGGN's Personnel Mental Qualiciations Test of our staff screening process. However, those with training, background or career in required fields of the applied position are not required to take the PMQT.. Speak to management for alternate test accomodations or excemption.


If you are applying for any other position, the PMQT, the AGGN Comprehensive Intelligence Test, a Work Competence Test, or other skills analysis evaluations that may be given are only nesessary if the recruiter deems it nesessary in their qualifications measurement process. 



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Current Available Positions


Marketing & PR:

- Marketing Manager

- Content Marketing Coordinator

- Digital Marketing Associate

- Graphic Designer, Illustrator

- Film and Video Editor


Mental Health

- Community Counselor (minecraft, discord, or starmade) [we are looking for Game Moderators/counselors preferably with a Child-Youth or social work background]



- Talent Acquisition Specialist

- Public Relations Communications Coordinator

- Staff Development Administrator


IT & Engineering

- Software Game Developer (minecraft)

- Software Game Developer (starmade)

- IT Systems Administrator (minecraft)

- IT Systems Administrator (starmade)


Operations, & Creative

- Team Coordinator (minecraft)

- Team Coordinator (discord)

- Team Coordinator (starmade)

- World Builder (minecraft)

- World Builder (starmade)


Contact us for further inquiries on the available positions or other vonlunteer positions

Please Note, as a non-profit at our start-up and pre-revenue stage of development, all of our positions are on a vonlunteer basis until further notice. One of our goals is an income afforded to these positions. Speak to Management for possible excemption and a paid position.

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